In 2015, the A#1 Cab Dispatch family decided it was time to bring out another brand choice for the customers. They tested the Phoenix Private Transportation cars for over a year, and had ALL positive feedback by the customers and drivers. A#1 Cab Dispatch spoke with their taxi owner operators to find the right drivers for these cars. WA-LA! A new brand was born.

While A#1 realized that some people like being in a branded taxi, some did not care for it.  In 2014, A#1 Cab Dispatch launched their ride App and they knew they could use this new technology in all types of ways for transportation. Bottom line, they wanted to give customers what they are looking for, and are changing with the times. Evolving is an important factor in business. A#1 Cab Dispatch is not going anywhere- the taxis will be around for a long time to come. There has been no merger, or buy out. This has been the same family business for over 30 years. Thank you for your interest and your business.